Date night in Paris

date night in paris

My date night in Paris included my Etro silk gown, my Chanel evening bag and my favorite Diptyque perfume. We decided to go to the gorgeous Paris Peninsula Hotel  which is one of the most elegant hotels in Paris however my friend wasn’t feeling well so I was on a date in Paris on my own.

I have travelled my entire career solo, so dining alone sometimes is more exciting because you meet some amazing people. 

So I embarked on a date night like no other – with myself!! So with my favorite Etro silk gown that whispers soft elegance, I set out to create a magical evening of self-love and exploration at the stunning Paris Peninsula. The one thing I love about Paris, is you can bring out that elegant dress that has been staring at you in the closet for years. Classic dresses never go out of style!

As the date night unfolded, I realized this evening wasn’t just about the enchanting hotel decor, ambience and gourmet delights – it was a celebration of self, a reminder that one can find joy, romance, and enchantment within.  The city of love had become the backdrop to a personal love story, a night where I was reminded and appreciated the magic of being my own best company – in the most romantic city in the world.



  1. Saleen

    Well said. Love the photos.

  2. Helga J

    Love the photos of you, your beautiful dress and the hotel. your post was so inspiring. 💖

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