Charming Istanbul Café's

Istanbul is known for its many architectural sights along with bustling streets, but some of the hidden gems are tucked away in areas such as the affluent Besiktas and the antique district of Cukurcuma. These areas exude old world charm and provide calm and splendid diversion via an assortment of cozy café’s, attractive boutiques and quiet lanes.


My past colleague Onür who still lives in Istanbul was nice enough to take me off the beaten path to a charming garden cafe called Voi in the area of Besiktas.  The moment you walk in the door it greets you with friendly staff, a line up, and a cozy outdoor patio filled with locals and their pups. 

You wont find any tourists here and it felt like you were hanging out with a group of friends enjoying some of the most inventive beverages, desserts and breakfast bowls Istanbul has to offer.  Voi’s incredible cozy ambience and authentic vibe is the reason I will be coming back.

Since we were going for dinner, I didn’t get a chance to try their yummy desserts, but I did try their sugar free Pink Lemonade with hibiscus which was so refreshing.

Even though Voi was my hidden gem café, the Cukurcuma area has some stellar and cozy café’s as well.  Licina Street Café, Cukurcuma Antique Café and Lavender Café  are all equally unique for their old world charm, inviting atmosphere and fresh turkish deserts. All three offer you an incredible experience so trust the vibe you get – because energy doesn’t lie!  For those Vegan’s,  Healin Café has you covered with their stylish desserts and delicious salads.

Healin Cafe

Healin Vegan Cafe was in the shopping district of Nistansi and had a wide assortment of both vegan and vegatarian. Try their Hibiscus homemade lemonade.

Kirpi Café

Kirpi Cafe and Restaurant is along the Galata Port Strip has great Turkish Meze.

Kirpi Café

Kirpi Café fresh mint Lemonade.

Salon Galata

Salon Galata was a great place to stop for breakfast. Try their Turkish Cilbir.

Voi Cafe

Voi Iced Tea

Lavender Cafe

Lavender Cafe in the vintage area of Cukurcuma.

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