Lazy Summer Lunches


My bestie from California called to tell me she was coming in town for a quick visit so I thought I would whip up a lazy lunch al fresco for her and some of my friends.  For a moment suspended in time, this is the perfect chance to catch up with old friends, sip on some cold vino while breathing in the summer air.


For me – summer dining Al fresco is part of our raison d’être. Nothing beats chic ambience, flavorful food, mellow music and fabulous conversations in the outdoors and the event isn’t complete without fresh flowers for your décor!

Even though I can’t offer iconic views of the Mediterranean, my décor theme showcases ocean blue and coral tones inspired by the fragrant Chrystal blue seawater and white sandy beaches.  We can always imagine we are in the French Rivera!

I decided to do an easy vegetarian charcuterie board, along with a tomato Bocconi salad with basil. I have always enjoyed hosting dinner parties when I’m not travelling, and what I learned is you can throw a charcuterie board together quickly – as most of the ingredients are already in your cupboard or fridge.

The only thing I put effort into was making the yummy vegan raspberry sorbet.  I served them in a gluten free cone with a piece of dark chocolate nestled beside it and voila- Lazy lunch complete!

I’m excited for my guests to arrive and hoping my al fresco lunch promises to be a source of delicious memories where we share stories, laugh and bask in the pleasure of the day’s reveries. 

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  1. Alina D from Romania

    So Pretty! Can you please send me the recipe for your vegan raspberry sorbet? thank you. I signed up for your newsletter.

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