Parisian Cafés

parisian cafes

Paris has no shortage of café’s and what separates Parisian cafés from North American cafés, is that every one you walk into has impeccable style and incredible ambiance. Every Café I visited boasted an elegance – dressed in the finest Parisian chic serving up the best freshly baked croissants.

Since the Paris Olympics are next month, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite cafés in Paris. You will not be disappointed!

cucina eat cafe in paris
  1. Angelina Café is probably the most touristic café in Paris, however their desserts, croissants and hot chocolate are world renowned and you will find yourself in a line up to get a table. Make sure you take some of their decadent chocolate home with you.
  2. Carette Café was my absolute favorite. The breakfast is divine and you would think Paris Fashion week was happening as every fashionable Parisian was dining in style. The quality of desserts and breakfast is unparalleled and no matter what time of year it is –  you will find a long line up for your table, however its worth the wait!
  3. Maisie Café is one of your best Vegan Café options right in the heart of Paris. I had their avocado toast with a lovely steeped cup of tea. They actually give you a proper tea pot and you will find mostly locals hanging out at this charming café.
  4. Cucina Eat  is another charming café near the Eiffel Tower. Brunch is served all day, and you will just enjoy the interiors of this warm and friendly cozy café.   The decor is a blend of vintage with a cabin type feel – where ornate mirrors and comfy pillows are surrounded by brick walls that allow you to sip slowly in style.
  5. Dior Café  is located at the world renowned Dior House in the Paris fashion district. I only stopped for an espresso, but its nice to window shop while hanging in their stylish café.
  6. Artisan Boulangerie – you will find Parisian Bakery’s straddled across the city of Paris, so I highly recommend not eating breakfast at your hotel. Get up and go grab a freshly baked croissant and coffee from one of the many Boulangerie’s in Paris.
  7. Bar Ourcq – This charming French Bistro has a lovely terrace with canal views and serves authentic French cuisine. I had to brush up on my French as the waiters did not speak very good English (which I love)  Their desserts are divine and you will find a packed out place full of locals in this stylish cafè!

No matter where you choose to dine in Paris, the cafés are not merely places to drink coffee, they are sanctuaries of beauty and thought -where every detail is a testament to the Parisian art of living.  


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