Lost in Balat

turkish tea time in balat

If there was anyplace to get lost, it would be in Balat.  This truly was a hidden gem that gives you a piece of zen the moment you arrive.  This colouful area is full of trendy café’s, vintage shops, picture perfect charming houses surrounded by cobblestone streets.  My first stop was this cute cafe with fresh fruit to enjoy a cup of turkish tea. 

Style café was another quaint spot to enjoy a light lunch. Historically this district was the Jewish quarter in Istanbul and is now home to many artists and bohemian shops.

balat cafes

The ambiance of Balat puts a smile on your face every corner you turn.  You wont find any brand names here but will find some unique momento’s that you cant find anywhere else in Istanbul. 

balat food sign
lost in balat

Photagraphy of me by: Ügar Cankurt @Istanbulportrait Photography and editing of Balat: By me

A little kitten following me on my stroll. I wanted to take her home with me.

balat umbrella lane

I ended my morning on Umbrella Lane. That is not its exact name, but the street clearly stands out with its vibrant Volkswagon cars lined up under the sea of umbrellas!  

Travel tip is to get to Balat early to capture some great photos, wear some good walking shoes to climb the steep hills, and then relax and enjoy a turkish coffee or tea at one of the Bohemian Balat Cafés.