Dreams Journal

The beginning of the year is the most exciting for me because it’s a time I like to reflect on what I accomplished in 2022, and erase the slate and start planning for 2023.  Just like in business – how we track our metrics and our performance is how we achieve our goals,  sooooo it’s just as important to write down these same goals/dreams for your own personal enrichment!  Some people may use a vision board, but I love to get a Dreams Journal and just write down everything I want to do for 2023!  I have always believed we are never too old to start something new and everyday is a chance to create the life we want.   I have also learned that when things aren’t going as we planned, you have to trust there is a reason and there are better things to come!

Of course all of us are busy with our families, friends, jobs, pets and appointments and we may not accomplish everything on our bucket list, but it’s always fun to dream and write down all the exciting things life has to offer.

So my wish is to inspire you to write down your health and personal goals for 2023! Think big, Dream big and  may you have the best year ever!

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears – I was so happy to finally complete my passion project – my blog Cup of Pearls!  This was in the works for over 5 years, and the universe finally helped me bring it to the finish line. So don’t ever give up if you still haven’t fulfilled a personal dream you have. I get it, time and money can be obstacles- but if you are patient like I was, (I’m actually not a really patient person) ……then you never know when your dreams are ready to blossom!

This is one of my favourite inspiration art pieces I purchased in Paris in 2015. I always like to support the local artists, and this one was purchased at the beautiful Montmartre district.  I seem to have an affinity for pretty bicycles surrounded by flowers.  Montmartre is full of local artists and its located on a steep hill that overlooks the city of Paris.  The views are breathtaking.

So I hope you surround yourself with things that make you happy, go to your favorite café and journal away your dreams.  If you don’t buy a dreams journal, then go to a quiet place and release all your dreams to the universe and you may be surprised on the outcome. Happy Dreaming!