Romantic Rainy Nights

The little things in life often are what make us the happiest. The taste of homemade freshly baked banana bread, reading a good book near a warm cozy fireplace and of course the amazing smell of rain known as “petrichor” – a scent that spreads itself to unite people. My first night in Old Montréal greeted  me with a lovely rainy evening and the smell of  fresh flowers getting their dose of water love.

I love to embrace when mother nature is rewarding us for putting up with a sudden downpour or a light sprinkle of rain.  There is a science behind the amazing scent of fresh rain, but for myself each falling rain drop brings with itself old memories and an escape into a world thats better than this one, where there is love, peace and serenity.  Couples huddle together under an umbrella nestled into each others arms and the streets are peacefully quiet –  this serenity is what makes rainy nights so romantic.

Old Montréal is probably one of the most romantic places in the world, so to capture this moment during a light rainfall makes it all the more special.