Spring Vibes

Spring has finally sprung here in Vancouver and  I can’t wait till the cherry blossoms start blooming around the city.  It’s symbolic of renewal and refresh and a sign that summer is right around the corner.  

cherry blossoms in front of an old building

Japan is noted for having extravagant Cherry Blossom parties where they gather their family and friends to eat, drink tea, and celebrate under the cherry blossom trees.  The custom is called “hanami” which literally means watching blossoms. 

No wonder Japan is rated the best place to view these stunning gifts of nature.  We don’t exactly follow this custom in America but Vancouver does now and you can attend the annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival in April which celebrates guided tree walks where cherry blossom enthusiasts can capture some spectacular photos of these gorgeous trees.  The Great Picnic is another fun event where you can relax under the Cherry Trees in David Lam Park and enjoy some live music from the Cherry Jam Stage.

vibrant magnolia tree at beach

The vibrant Magnolia trees put on a spectacular spring performance and are in a league of their own and wont’t take a back seat to the poetic Cherry Blossoms.

There are many variety’s of Magnolia Trees but I love the soft pink hues cossetted with their velveteen coats and graceful petals – their beauty and sweet fragrance cannot be denied.  I wish their flowering hung around longer.

house with cherrry blossoms
nitobe garden island vancouver
nitobe bridge

No matter what part of the world you live in – Cherry blossoms and Magnolia trees in the spring time just add a dose of beauty to our world.   I am fortunate to spend a lot of my time in Vancouver which was rated one of the top 10 best cities in the world to experience the magic of Cherry blossom season and their rival – the majestic Magnolia’s.

white cherry blossom tree


Photography and Edits by Moi