Old Town Madrid

Plaza de los carros, Oskar madrid hotel, and el entro santos restauant in Old Town Madrid.
el viajero restaurant in chic chueca madrid

 Elegant and narrow cobblestone streets, 17th century churches and a live music scene.  If you love everything vintage, cool interior design shops and a great area to grab a bite to eat and watch the locals in action, then Chueca is the place!

El Viajero restaurant is situated over three stories in a classic nineteeth century building where you will find the most adorable cozy rooftop garden. Take in  lunch and enjoy the fabulous views of old town Madrid.

Chueca an area in Old Town madrid to eat and drink.
People eating at plaza de los carros by a church in Old Town Madrid

If you want to indulge in fusion Spanish tapas dishes, you have to try El Entro Santos. Their food and elegant cocktails are amazing and its just a very cool place to hang out and mingle with the fun crowd.

Keep walking and you will come across the Plaza de los Carros where you can listen to some local guitarists playing Spanish guitar or grab a cafe from an array of restaurants near the square. This is where you can sit by one of the oldest churches in Madrid (Iglesias De San Andres) and watch young and old embrace this gem of a spot!

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