Chic Le Marais

train station marais france

Le Marais District falls under the spell of Paris, where every cobblestone street whispers a bohemian spirt that lingers in the air. I have been to Paris many times but never had time to fully explore the city, but this time I fell in love with this Chic area.  You will find hidden courtyards, fab bistros, trendy boutique shops and vibrant vintage shops.

hotel in le marais
moped in marais

Le Marais district effortlessly blends historic architecture with contemporary art, along with eclectic cafe’s and bohemian bistros.  You will have an array of restaurants to choose from and my favorite one was Chez Julien. 

The vintage shops are some of the best I have visited and you will find some very cool vintage items from Dior, Chanel and all the Major French brands.  

Le Marais is not just an area to visit, it will take you on a captivating journey through time, history and culture, leaving you with an unforgettable taste of true Parisian allure.