Romanced by the elegant boulevards of Madrid, vintage markets in the south of France, exquisite cuisine in Rome, cozy café's in Istanbul, or the high fashion houses of Paris?

I’m Tanna Sigurdson- dog lover, travel and fashion fanatic who loves to inspire. In January of 2016, I left my 20-year corporate career as an Executive Medical Consultant and decided to pursue my MBA overseas. I moved to Costa Del Sol, Spain to study International business—no place to live, no Spanish, no family and no plan other than to grab my passport, pack my bags and start my new life! I trusted my instincts, and they showed me the way. By far, the best decision of my life!
During my studies, I traveled throughout Spain and Italy and even bravely enrolled in a French immersion program on the Cote D’Azur, France. Along the way, I met the sort of kindred spirits who have become great friends for life.
With my degree in hand, I returned to Vancouver in late 2017 and got back into the grind – most recently working as the VP of Business Development for a Newport Beach, CA biotech company. Inevitably drawn back to the cultural world I’d left behind, I am returning to my overseas calling where I can share my passion of hanging out at cozy café’s, shopping at vintage markets, exploring street style fashion and capturing some exotic places on film.
I hope you join me in the colourful life of travel and finding hidden gems, while exploring the charming streets abroad and their infinite delights – what I affectionately call my (hidden treasure) Cup of Pearls.

“When wisdom is given,

                treasure it like a Pearl”

women toasting with a glass of rose